thur | jul 8 | 7:30 8:45 pm


in person

Join us for gentle movement, breathwork, intention setting and journaling, followed by a beautiful meditation under the stars to make the most of this Cancer New Moon.


This Cancer New Moon is all about self awareness, intuition, emotional balance, freedom and awakening. The astrology of this period is creating an opportunity to open our minds, to unlock higher awareness, heighten our intuition and tap into more innovative energies.

This new lunar cycle is asking us to connect with our sensitivity, being sure we're creating a nurturing and supportive environment within us, around us, and in our homes. This allows us to feel safe, supported and in balance, making it easier to enter into the flow state. From this state we are better able loosen our tight grip of control and allow life to unfold. Own this power of yours and honor your freedom to do so. Remember, you are the creator of your life!


WHEN: THURSDAY | 7/8 | 7:30 - 8:45PM



**Please note that this ritual ceremony will be held outside, weather permitting; Please be sure to bring your own props, mats, blankets, pillows to use**

**no refunds for cancellations due to limited spots**